📈 Decoding Success: An In-depth Hackathon Analysis

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🎓 Undergraduate Research Assistant - Hackathon Analysis

Institution: Technical University of Munich, Munich, Bavaria, Germany 📍 Duration: April 2022 - September 2022 (6 months) ⏳

🌐 Project Background: Hackathon

Hackathons are intensive, time-limited events that bring together programmers, designers and other professionals to collaborate on software projects, fostering innovation and learning. The purpose of this research was to take an in-depth look at these events, examining their role in the technology industry, their challenges and their benefits. While hackathons provide a platform to create real-world solutions, learn new skills and network, they also present potential difficulties such as time constraints, resource limitations and team stress. By evaluating factors such as innovation and prototype viability, skills acquisition, networking opportunities and participant satisfaction, this study seeks to understand how hackathons function as a versatile and essential tool in the technology industry despite these challenges.

🎯 Our Approach: Metrics for Product Development Progress

In my role as an Undergraduate Research Assistant, I used my skills in statistical analysis, statistical modelling, data analysis and the R programming language to conduct a scientific analysis and create metrics to evaluate success. I also implemented predictive approaches based on prototyping success, providing a practical way to predict and evaluate the outcomes of hackathon efforts.

🚀 Contributions and Achievements

Throughout the project, I worked with a research team to study hackathons and their impact on the learning process. My contributions included conducting detailed statistical analysis, building data models to predict prototyping success, and ultimately co-authoring a research paper on the topic. This paper not only shared our findings with the wider academic community, but also illustrated the complex interplay between product focus and learning outcomes in hackathons.

📌 Next Steps and Future Developments

As we move forward, our research paper is currently being reviewed for publication. Keep an eye out for this forthcoming paper 🎉

Medina Bajramovic

Medina Bajramovic

Passionate Data Scientist and Biostatistician